October 8, 2010

List My Five Review by Shirley Philbrick

I just wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on the latest rave in the residual income writing world: ListMyFive.  Personally, I think if they don't try to grow too quickly, that they stand a chance of being a viable option for earning some residual income. Of course, like most of these sites, they won't tell their "proprietary formula" for the earning structure, but as writers we just really want to know we're not going to waste our time - bottom line.

The lists are relatively easy to write, but I am noticing that just like at eHow, the less control over the content by the website, the more garbage is going to get thrown on there. LM5 will find they will eventually need some editorial control or they, like eHow did, will have a major content clean up to do.  Unfortunately, new sites need large quantities of content therefore they take the good, bad and the downright ugly. But then they have to clean out the crap to keep the stuff that is actually something someone might be interested in reading.

Earnings are what most people are really interested in knowing about beyond the ease of writing for ListMyFive so I guess I need to touch on that. It's pennies. I'll be upfront with you on that. If you're used to dollars, you better write lots of good quality lists and then write lots more. I do feel that quantity+quality+SEO+time=good residual income so I plan on continuing to see if the site ends up living up to it's potential.

Here's more from me: Shirley Philbrick and where you can find me other than at LM5: Suite101, eHow, MaineReasonBlog, JourneysBlog


Sam said...

I am enjoying it simply because it's "fun" to write the lists, but I am also wondering how it'll turn out. I don't want to be disappointed, but I think I'll stick around and see what happens.

Thanks for the review!

Darla said...

Wow Shirley, you hit on something there. I think that is a total possibility! Content is king. :)

Everyone should know that your title link is clickable and goes to a WONDERFUL article.

I'm going to twitter this out because I think it is great thought process and well worth thinking about.

How will it change focus?? OR WILL IT change focus?

SusanG said...

I am a member of LM5 however I have not published a list. I am very hesitant as I am watching for a drastic increase in earnings, and what I hear overall is that it is pennies. Right now I think LM5 is an excellent way to backlink your eHow content. I wish everyone the best of luck with LM5...I don't think the publication site is the right site for me.

Gertie and Lori said...

I was an early supported at LM5 but have slacked off due to very low earnings. I do think though that I've driven some traffic to eHow from the site so it's worth something. At the moment though, it's not really worth putting a whole lot of effort into it.

Joey Brown said...

I'm not sure what is going on at LM5 these days. I've done good there, but things are lagging and updates are getting farther apart. People are leaving and some are going to Factzoids. I'm tired of content sites and ready to just do niche blogs because they can pull the rug at anytime and that is not cool. WriterGig is encouraging niche blogs to be more of a focus for writers now. I am writing for Squidoo and like that, but pay is slow there in the beginning.