January 2, 2011

How to Achieve the Goals you have Set

Regardless of who you are, what profession you are in -- we all have a vision of what we would like to accomplish. You can even call them 'goals'. But a goal without a plan, is merely a dream. Is that what has happened to you in the past?

Does the following sound familiar? Around New Year's you create a list of the to-do's that you truly would like to accomplish, then by mid January most of them, have very little likelihood of getting done. What's wrong? Everything you had on your "To do WISH List" was a noble endeavor, that you felt strongly about.

Problem is, most people don't put together a plan to see that the goal becomes a reality.

So if you are a freelance writer or a stay at home mom, or the executive you has a company to lead....what can you learn to make sure you know "How to Achieve the Goals You Have Set"....find out by reading this article which can be found on Firehow.

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Alrady said...

KP this is such an important thing for writers!!!!! I think that is the one thing all my successful writing friends have in common - they set goals and work to achieve them.