December 25, 2010

Setting Achievable Business Goals for 2011

From small business owner to big business tycoon to consultant or freelance writer, everyone will be setting goals for the new year this coming week.

Whether they are successful will depend upon whether the goals set are achievable and whether they put in place an effective action plan to complete the goals.

The challenge isn't the work that needs to be done, but making sure the goals are realistic yet motivating. It will take honest assessment of what did not work well in the past, and what can be achieved in the future.

Click on the title to this post to read some hints for "Setting Achievable Goals" and do the work to make them happen.

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Gary Allen said...

Interesting. It seems there are a whole host of opinions about goals, all the way from not setting any to make them and read them every day.

There is little said about the other things that makes a goal work, like taking action and visualization and owning it etc.

This is a good teaser to the real meat of it on the click side of things.

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