January 17, 2011

How to Prioritize Your Daily Activities for Better Time Management

Do you have lots of things on your 'to-do' list and at the end of the day, wonder exactly what did you accomplish? When you look back are you disappointed that your time was filled, but you do not feel as if you accomplished the most important things you needed to do.

Have you often lamented that you need to be a better at 'time management'? What you probably really need to do is become better at prioritizing your daily activities?

Do you feel you waste time working on projects that are not the most important? How can you tell the difference between and "Urgent" item and an "Important but Not Urgent" item?

It is all up to you....but you need some skills to help you do it.

1 comment:

Sharla said...

This is a really good reminder. I need time management help big time!