September 10, 2010

Blog, Blog, Blog!!!

My First Guest Post!
I started my blogging career just a very short year ago and it is still an uphill battle. I started out with very little knowledge about the internet and for the most part writing. My first encounter with freelance writing was with a site that most already know, eHow. I worked everyday building my library of articles, slowly making a few pennies a day. During this time, I improved my writing skills and after several months I applied to eHows parent company Demand Studios.
I was very intimadated  by the whole process so I took it very slow and read everything I could get my hands on before I took the first step in writing an article for money. Don't get me wrong, I worked hard to get to the point of being accepted by Demand Studios, something for the average person, was an accomplishment in itself. So for those of you who are just starting out, my advice is to read everything you can, then gather your courage and write, write, write. You will not regret it.

Honored Guest
Joy Ellis

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Darla said...

VERY awesome and thank you. I missed the auto accept by 1% and was bummed. I admire people like you that are able to apply what you are ACTIVELY LEARNING.

I think you are right about reading and putting your fingers to the keyboard and writing your heart out. It does get easier and easier. :)

I would encourage everyone to read your three links at the bottom of the article. :)