June 27, 2016

Benefits of Redgage / Members Review

I am a long time member at Redgage.com. I was there before the platform updates, gone after the updates and now it seems that this social media website is finally getting back on track.

When you visit RG you can sign in, upload your links or photographs and also delete content. All things that sound normal right? Well after Redgage updated the platform they also put an end to a good thing. In a word the website was glitchy and impossible to be active on for the last three years. Know that the majority of members gave up and moved on to tsu.  As for me, I could not sign into RG, but  then one day (3 years after platform update) I received an email from redgage that stated the website was working again, the glitches were fixed.

I was finally able to access my member's account and saw that my account activity indicated that my content has earned $52.16, however, my account balance has not updated since December 2013 and it shows a balance of $18.38.

In my opinion, Redgage would like everyone to believe that they pay their members but this is just a come on.  A way to excite members into thinking that their content views will generate income.

My guess is that this website is not generating enough ad revenue to pay members. It would be great if RG was more transparent with earnings but they are not communicating. Good luck with sending them a message because the messages are not answered.

The only benefit to redgage is that it is a nice place to hang out at and be social. Members do interact, comment on your posts.  Plus they will share your posts on twitter or facebook.  Know if you share your articles, print on demand products or blog links you will get views / traffic as long as you are active on redgage and interact with other members.

Other Tips

Sharing photographs will never benefit you, but you can do this if enjoy interacting with the members and getting views and stars. BUT hold your breath on withdrawing and getting paid any monies that these photos generate. 


ALRADY said...

TX Susan... . I 've not done this site in a long time. :) Last time I looked mmy earnings had not transported over to new site. Now I need to revisit and see wat is up. :)

Sandy KS said...

I do think it is a great site to help bring more views to our blog post and web links.