July 18, 2011

Bionic Family of Products

For my writing friends.. at my mobile office my back and hips often are stiff from sitting for hours.. This band is helping me with reducing that pain. It is not near as intense when I am wearing the band- thought you might like to look at it. First day I could feel difference in flexibility. I was VERY SKEPTICAL until I saw how it helped our elderly dog keep his balance. It is NOT A CURE... But does help relieve pain.

You can try it for 90 days and lifetime warranty on frequency. I was very very skeptical.... but there science behind it (frequency infusion resonates at the frequency of the earth) - okay I don't claim to be a genius and understand it... at any rate if you are like me, spending long hours at desk.... give it a whirl.

It is also supposed to help with many things: mental focus, improves balance, strength, energy and stamina.

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The BionicBand® comes in a variety of styles and several frequencies. Each frequency is exclusive and offers your body outstanding benefits. All of our BionicBands are designed to provide energy, clarity, balance, and vitality."

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