August 22, 2011

Congratulations Susan G - ZAZZLE ACHIEVEMENT

Susan G recently was advanced to Pro Seller at ZAZZLE!!! Congratulations. Susan uses her creativity in art and in writing and puts them together in ways that constantly astound me.     Take a look at some of her art and send her a note of congratulations.

Visit Susan's Nature Gift Gallery.   Make sure to let her know what you think!!! Also if you want to talk to Susan, visit her via facebook or chat with her via the Facebook My Writing Buddies group!

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Sgolis said...

Darla you are the sweetest thing...I have a glitch on my profile page at zazzle and it still indicates that I am a member. I reported it to tech support at zazzle so hopefully my member page will be updated to group pro seller. Thanks for all of your help in promoting my products...My zazzle store is non profit because I donate all royalties to the feral, stray, abandoned and rescued cats in my community. Proceeds pay for food, shelter and medical care. I appreciate all that you do to help me and all of the are the BEST.

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Congrats Susan! Darla I hope you are doing great! I mentioned you and linked in a recent blog post about demand media :)

Alrady said...

Thanks Candace :) HOpe all is going well for you too. Appreciate the shoutout! :)