January 30, 2012

Sessions | ACES 2012 | New Orleans

Sessions | ACES 2012 | New Orleans
THE ACES seminar would offer much to almost any writer that covers current events. Examiner.com, Gather, and Huffington Post.  I have heard several friends talk enthusiastically about NOLA – hopefully they will share their experiences in the comments section.
Some topics covered include the ability to be flexible, writing online,SEO,editing, proofreading, and the writing of military news.
There seems to be a lot to offer for writers. I was particularly pleased to see that Demand Media will offer the topic: Maintaining newsroom standards in non-standard newsrooms
those signing up today, Jan 30, 2012 may receive a discount.  There may still be volunteer positions open for the event.
All copy editors at Demand Media must have credentials of print quality. Several editors who have found success there discuss how to survive and thrive in that environment, and how to maintain newsroom standards”

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