March 25, 2012

Bloggers Beware: Google Adsense Changes put you at risk

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AdSense revenue at risk

Any online writer should know that Google has been shaking things up over the last year to improve search results and (supposedly) level the playing field for bloggers and writers.  This month – Google changed things up again and the results can be upsetting for some bloggers who are unknowingly  walking a fine line in SEO.   
Family friendly is good and now the new trend, but there is a ‘mine field’ to be navigated when it comes to your blog. Your related keywords, may not be viewed as 'innocent' by Google. Rumor is that it won’t be long for the big sites to be hit hard. Many sites have cleaned up things over the past year – but too many still use solicitous photos and writing to draw in viewers. 
This week I received a notification from a writing friend who lost all their AdSense revenue. The friends sadi that upon inquiry, Google objected to some language in the blog. BLOGGERS beware, you may be inadvertently putting your AdSense revenue at risk . Imagine waking up one day to find that your blogs have been essentially shut off.  If you own a blog use the video and links provided within this article to help understand the rules and save your AdSense revenue, and search engine placement. 
Bloggers beware

A bloggers words hit me hard.  The blogger wrote, “All the Google update blows my would think they would send the BlogSpot members an email on the updates – no, you find out the hard way. I have been working on my blogs, changing the stop words ... trying to get back AdSense."
The above words were part of the message I received from a distraught blog owner. The alleged stop words are related to Google’s new semantics search focus. Google is taking no prisoners - Google has its rules, and you might as well fight against the ocean riptides – you will not get around the rules.    

The blogger writing above did get their AdSense back, by changing all the stop words, reducing the size of photos and ad placement to comply with Google rules. There are about 800,000 advertisers who have been affected with the new Google ad rules. This is a good thing, shutting down malicious advertisers.   Wall Street Journal has followed the changes and explained that the new rules will be going further than we can imagine, due to the acquisition of Metaweb Technologies.

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