July 12, 2012

Writer fights back against article theft: “9-1-1? I’D LIKE TO REPORT A THEFT!’


9-1-1? I’D LIKE TO REPORT A THEFT! - The National Enquirer

my notes: Now before you go judging me (I don’t usually read Enquirer)  - I was researching and found this GREAT headline by a writer that is tired of other sites stealing his work!  Namely US Weekly. 

Now many of you write articles on sites that are not journalistic in nature – but the principle is the same. You write a great blogpost, have a great idea for a squidoo lens, master the art of the “how-to” or develop a niche column that someone decides to “lift” or copy.

This writer took matters into his own hands with this posting. I have not researched out fully to find out if this author’s claim is true or not – after all link backs and direct quotes are one thing, and outright stealing is another.

More power to you the writer. Go out and use your words!

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