June 22, 2013

Fundraising for Elizabeth's Job: You can help an Author get her job with just $5

When it comes to job hunting - it can be rough. Elizabeth has been searching for a job that will support their family - and has landed the perfect opportunity. Funds are needed as outlined in the clip below to start working with ADULT DISABLED people. Elizabeth will be teaching them life skills - at least that is what will happen if the funds can be raised to fulfill the initial job requirements. Please contribute and/or spread the word.

 OUr goal is to see her meet her goal by Sunday night - so that Monday she can start fulfilling the first stage of the job! For those that have asked - I have researched and it is common practice to make employees pay for these initial tests, some companies will reimburse. Coming up with extra funds can be a challenge for many to start a new job.

Thank you for your help! PLEASE WAIT 3 -15 seconds for widget to LOAD... you can click from there.

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