July 21, 2013

Help with a car/truck for my son Kyle

The following is Fundrazr campaign for Joy's family: This is her writing and I hope all of you share it and if any can contribute even $5, it will help so much with giving independence, relieving family stress and a solid start in a new experience.! 

Most of you know me from my days with eHow and from my blogs..I have often gave to those who were in need for things that were needed and have come to a place in my life to which it is I (for my son) who needs help. My son was diagnosed at an early age with a hearing disability that made it hard for him to filter out background noise...this is often the case with some who have "selective" hearing.

 I assure you, in most cases it's not selective, they actually can not hear you if the are not looking directly at you and no other noise in the background. He has since gone through therapy to learn how to distinguish between noises and he knows that no matter what, there can be no radio or cell phone in his car/truck while he is driving making it a safe advantage for him. Nor can anyone else have a radio or talking in the car while he is driving until he become more confident in his skills. 

This is a big undertaking on his part and his is well aware of all the dangers...but the DMV has released him to receive his drivers license to which I am very proud and scared at the same time.

I have set up a fundrazr campaign to raise money for a cheap car/truck because I have limited money and at this time can not afford to buy him a means of transportation. And help from those who read this would be greatly appreciated.

Please give what you can at:   https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/8Yoe7?psid=d1b3b4e9bb64414baf71733ea7ddacd9

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