November 8, 2013

This weeks topics: From Typhoons to Police Brutality and Free Money

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THIS WEEK HAS BEEN WILD....  My heart goes out to the Filipino friends suffering through the dramatic Typhoon Haiyan!!!!  MY FIRST post reflects my concern for friends.   The next strongest on my mind is the assault on our civil rights .. it is all over and a few days ago the New Mexico lawsuit aginst police abuse is appalling.  Check out the post below and make your opinions known! 

To all my Filipino friends: Praying for your safety after Typhoon Haiyan strikesCategory: Personal
To all my Filipino friends: I have been watching the news of your terrible storm since 3 a.m. I hope that all my Bubblews friends are safe. Several come...
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Twitter IP0: First day did just as expected - TWTR soared despite Obamacare dramaCategory: Business
Twitter had its IPO yesterday and just like expected it took off and soared. I expected it to land at around $50 bucks a share, which would be a fantastic...
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Twitter IPO: TWTR host F-bomb map and busts opens new Wall Street territoriesCategory: News
70 million shares of TWTR go on sale tomorrow morning at $26.00 bucks a share! Wish I had a fortune, cause I agree with all the news reports that TWTR...
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4,000 Secret Government Money Programs – Really? FREE MONEY – where?Category: Reviews
Okay, so its early morning here and still no internet, even though we have power. After pouring a cup of +java and shivering outside to watch the gorgeous...
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CALL TO ACTION: If you believe in constitutional rights -- BOYCOTT NEW MEXICOCategory: News
WARNING: SENSITIVE SUBJECT MATTER: Our constitutional rights under attack Story origins on Tuesday, Nov. 5th: I...
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