October 6, 2013

Post Any Article - New Revenue Share Writing Site

Get Paid to Write Whatever you Want
Guest post by Janelle Coulton

Recently I became a member of Post Any Article on the advice of another writer at Full of Knowledge. Post Any Article is owned and operated by the same team who own Full of Knowledge (FOK) and Expert Pages (EP). EP and FOK are for the more serious writer, however Post Any Article (PAA) is more like Teckler or Bubblews, however the big difference with PAA is you get paid on payday, automatically without any drama.

As for the editors, support team and moderators, you could not ask for better service, these people really take pride in their work and are wonderful writers too. Aaron is the owner and he is a lovely man too. So what more can an online writers ask for here, payment on time, every month and a support team who bend over backwards to help out the writers. The rules at these sites while different for each site; are crystal clear.

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Janelle Coulton is a Freelance Writer for private clients, writing agencies, revenue share sites and her own blogs. She publishes and manages a Grey's Anatomy blog - Grey's Anatomy Addicts. You can follow Janelle on Twitter and Facebook and if you would like her to write for you, you can hire Janelle Coulton via her Freelance Website.

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