January 4, 2015

Is Your Facebook Friend a Bubblews Spy?


While you may think that you know the people that you have befriended on facebook or on Bubblews and that they would never spy on you, how can you be sure? 

 Know that there are Bubblews spies on facebook and that they could be the administrator of the group or one of the members. 

Spies on Facebook are Watching You

Now before we go any further I should inform you that  I am an administrator at a closed group on Facebook.  This group has 5000 members and ten administrators.  As an administrator my job was to  keep the members safe and to delete and ban all spammers. In the sense of the word I, Susan Golis was a spy for bubblews and so was the other administrator Kim Miller

Know that the first week of July 2014 that our Facebook Bubblews groups got hit hard with the 5/likes spammers. One spammer would join the group and before you knew it you had hundreds of spammers that would join when admins were offline between the hours of 1 to 6 AM.  

By the time we got to facebook it was a hornets nest of spammers.  All of the administrators had to work together to delete and ban them. The flow of spammers joining the group got so bad that we had to do a lockdown and not accept any new members.

I suppose you could call us spies for bubblews because we did turn over our information about these bubblews 5/likes spammers to Bubblews watcher. At the time we thought we were doing right for the community. We were cleaning up facebook long before the  Bubblews watcher published their post "likefarms".

None of us were hired by bubblews to get rid of the 5/likes spammers on facebook, Bubblews did not contact us and ask us to gather information and spy of the members.  Know that Bubblews never acknowledged our actions, never thanked us for turning over approximately 500 spammers in a week.

So am I spy for Bubblews I guess so, however the only difference is my actions were to keep our group members safe by providing them with a group where bubblews terms of use was not violated.  

Who are the Bubblews Spies?

I  suspect that the hired bubblews spies are the members that never incriminate themselves,  They may push a member to divulge information, but they do not follow suit of the group. 

The spies I speak of are people who are contacted by the  bubblews staff  and asked to start groups, join groups and become a friend to all.  Once they get you to trust them they ask you questions, gather information by taking screenshots, researching your bubblews profile address and then use these notes to incriminate you. 

Shaking your head in disbelief?  

Here is a quote by the official bubblews members support;

We have people going through these groups and taking notes of all the users taking part in these groups. We have a zero tolerance for users taking advantage of our rules."   quote from “likefarms” 

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Jim Bauer said...

I think, considering the times we live in, we should ALL be very aware and suspect of everything. Everyone has an agenda, and not all agendas are good.

Jel Writes said...

Well this post has definitely gotten some attention in the last few days. I have been aware of the spies on Facebook for some time now, but now as the Bubblews ship is sinking, despite the efforts and Arvind's crappy post that say absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing will save this site. One group recently had a Bubblews staff member join, he is known as Bear - real name is Barrett Barnes. The funny thing is that no one care about what he thinks now and the worst he can do is to delete accounts, which many people who have 1000's of posts to delete are hoping for. Great post Susan.