August 28, 2010

Four Work At Home Sites Worth Visiting

I have been writing online for nearly two years and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I can't say I have made much money from it, but just knowing that there are people out there benefiting from my writing was enough for me. As time went by though I started looking for ways to make money at home. I wasn't specifically looking for writing gigs, but basically anything that would bring in some pocket money. Eventually, I ran into some freelance, temporary positions that paid quite well. The positions did come to an end and I was on the search again for any work I can find to do from home. During my research I have found a great deal of reputable websites which highlight legit work at home positions, some temporary, but others long-term. Below I will list four of the sites I have found to be the most useful with a brief review of each: 

 This quite an interesting site with plenty of legit work at home positions and gigs. It might take some time to understand how things work inside of this site since it's entirely a forum, but read the instructions and you'll get the hang of it in no time. 

On this site you will have a lot of leads, which include positions from agencies or individuals needing an extra hand. It's very organized, with folders leading to specific work at home jobs, such phone jobs, non-phone jobs, specific agencies, etc. I actually got leads immediately after I became a member, but I wasn't able to continue because my other projects got in the way. The site has plenty of legit jobs and I highly recommend it to everyone. 

This is another wonderful site that has a forum filled with great advice and leads. It's geared towards helping stay at home moms find work, but really the postings are for everyone. There is a forum where members share their thoughts and what has worked for them in regards to work at home positions. There are also other links on the site that list current work at home positions; it's updated very often, sometimes daily or every few days. 

Definitely give this site a go and see what you can find; be patient and believe me you will find something. 


I found this site by accident and it is literally filled with information about working at home.  The owner sometimes promotes his affiliate links on the site, but he's pretty honest about it and actually tells you that's what he is doing. Some of the information he provides is really useful and the site is worth checking out.

This site has plenty of great ideas and pointers; it's maintained by a fellow ehower. For one reason or another I am always drawn back to this site. The best thing about this site is that it has "The MOST Complete List of Freelance Writing Websites on the Internet!" I took that quote right of the site! You can find this list by going to the resource section of the site.

Well there you have it, the sites I have found to be the most helpful in my search for finding work at home. All in all though, I decided to put all my time and effort into developing my College Advice Blog instead of picking up any more freelancing gigs. Just to let you know, I have done data entry, surveys, paid emails, etc. and I was paid. However, my College Advice Blog is what I am really passionate about right now and I want to give it my all.

*Note: You do have to sign up with some of the sites to view the forums, but it's completely free.
*Note: I am not an affiliate, nor do I have any connections with the four sites I listed in my post. The owners don't even know I am writing about them, but I really thought I should share my thought since the sites have helped me a great deal in my work at home endeavors.


Flex said...

I know a lot of people mostly my friends who make a living from writing especially writing blogs. They make money at home from doing freelance works.

Darla said...

FLEX I too know a couple that make money from blogging. I write a couple of blogs and one is starting to make really good money. WITH BLOGS I think it is important to have lots of new information AND a good niche topic.

Sam said...

Flex, it's definitely possible to make money from writing and lots of it as well. However, a lot of people give up too quickly because they expect the money to come in over night. For those who take their time this really works out for them.