May 20, 2010

Break Studios & Bright Hub

Hello all, and thank you Darla for giving me this opportunity.

I write for both Break Studios, and Bright Hub. Just wanted to give you a little report of them.

Break Studios: pays $8/article, pay day is on the 1st and 15th of the month. They require APA format, min. word count is 250. Their titles are not as obscure as DS and (I Think) are easier to write. The CE's are friendly, and you can do more than one rewrite if necessary to get it right. The really big downside is that the review time is around 4-6 days. You sell all rights to your content.

Bright Hub: pays $10+rev share/article. Pay is once a month after you hit the $20 min. payout. There is no specific format to use, unless a managing editor (ME) requires one for their channel. Word count min. is 450. Reference requirements are set by the ME. The CE's for each channel are friendly, and you can ask them questions if you receive a rewrite. You also have more than one chance for a rewrite. Their articles can sometimes be difficult to write simply because of the length, but since they pay both upfront and residuals, I think it is worth it to get the best of both worlds. Articles must be original, and you cannot republish once they are on Bright Hub.

Since I prefer upfront pay I find these plus DS the best. For residuals, I prefer Examiner, and Firehow. I don't do DS for rev-share, I prefer the upfront.

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Darla said...
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Darla said...

Melissa, Thanks so much for you review of these two sites! I plan on checking them out.

Melissa Van Horn said...

Your very welcome Darla, I appreciate the opportunity.

JadeDragon said...

Good review of Break and BrightHub. Thanks for the insights.

HS Schulte said...

Good review of Break Studios (BS) and Bright Hub (BH)! Two things I'd like to add - 1. Break Studio's websites are a bit sexist. Check out It's a BS site. 2. BH has a self-edited option that is purely revenue sharing.

Darla said...

THANKS HS for the information!!!! That helps to know!