January 5, 2016

Infolinks Advertisement is it Right for You?

Infolinks is a advertisement service that provides bloggers a way to monetize their articles and earn more money online.  Publishers have a few options such as inline text advertisement, in the fold, popup and sidebar advertisement.  As a publisher you earn from the clicks that your page views generate.

I have been a publisher at infolinks since 2013 and average a a couple payouts per year.  For me this type of advertisement  is equally as hard to earn from as google adsense.   I can drive the traffic to my blog but I sure as heck cannot generate a strong publishers return.  As an example; last month I had 2900 page views on my one cat blog where I am publisher for infolinks. My percentage of text clicks was far less. 800 clicks that earned me $0.00. 


When I saw the $0.00 earnings I thought something must be wrong so I sent an email to infolinks to find out why I earned zero for my 800 clicks. The response was that in order for me to earn that my blog needed to generate 1000 views daily and out of that I needed quality clicks to my intext advertisers.

I am guessing that they clock how long the audience is viewing the advertisement and if you click fast and click away that you do not get paid?  

What I learned today is that I need to boost my traffic and hopefully I will get quality clicks to my iinfolick in text advertisement I have friends that are earning an average of $500 a month and feel if they can achieve this online earning then I can also. 

Are your blogs monetized with infolinks? Are you earning well from being a publisher for their advertisement?  

Sharing information and tips to increase earnings. Increase your passive, residual income. Guest bloggers welcome.


Barbara Radisavljevic said...

I personally hate reading blogs or articles on sites that use infolinks. I think they detract from the writing with mostly irrelevant links that pop up when someone accidently mouses over a word. I doubt if they generate enough income for the average blogger to make up for the ill will they generate with readers. I tend not to write on sites that use them, and will often leave a post if these links start annoying me.

S Golis said...

@Barbara Radisaljevic like you I have come across the "over kill" content websites that have made reading the article a real test, you must click to remove all of the popups, sidebar ads that close in on you and then avoid the inline text with your mouse. Like you I will leave those websites because they are so darn annoying. But with that said, a blogger has a choice of the ads that they want. When it came to me the selection was easy I choose the type of advertisement that I wanted and no more then 5 inline text ads per page. I did not choose 20 ads per page like so many do. In addition since related is important to me, I contacted infolinks and learned that I can choose my ad topic; related ads by picking from home, products, pets, or business topics. Websites cannot do that because they are not a niche blog. A few times I found that my ads did not relate and did contact Infolinks, and they adjusted according to my needs. As a blogger I have more options for my niche. Many of us must monetize our blogs because unlike you, who seems to write for pleasure, we must earn from our online work.

Nancy Hardin said...

Susan, I think your ability to seek out and use successfully the opportunities available for writers to monetize their sites is top notch! You always have the facts and figures for your thoughts too, pointing to the obvious conclusion, that if Infolinks are used the right way, we can earn money. Most of us write with that end result in mind, so I'm glad to get this information. Thanks for sharing.

Kyla Matton Osborne said...

I tend to agree with what Barb said: I dislike reading content that displays InfoLinks as the ads are so intrusive. Honestly, I feel relieved that I'm not missing out on great earnings by choosing not to subscribe to the service. Thanks for filling us in!