April 27, 2010

Examiner: Part 1

If you love writing for Examiner, Ehow, Bukisa, Hub, Squidoo, share your stuff here!

Are you looking for a new residual income website? Do you feel limited by the how-to formats? If you are looking for a new way to earn residual income through freelance writing then you should consider writing for Examiner.

Who in the world are you? What have you done with Alrady?!

Don't worry, Alrady is perfectly fine. She's just taking a little cat-nap while I fill in for her. For those of you who used to write for eHow, I am A.M. Trent. I currently write for Demand Studios, but I am the National Youth Travel Examiner for Examiner.com

What is Examiner?

Examiner is a residual income website where writers can earn money by writing articles on their favorite interests. You do have to fill out an application and apply, but you can use your eHow articles as writing samples. You can be a local Examiner or a national Examiner depending on whether or not you live near a large city. Since I do not live near a large city I am a national Examiner. However, the local Examiners have a couple of extra perks.

Why should I write for Examiner?

I have heard many eHow writers state their concerns with Demand Studios and other writing sites. Many of them are concerned with the editors, strict format, and limited titles. At Examiner, you sign up for your own interest--such as Alrady's Tucson Celebrity Examiner title--and then you write topics that relate to this interest. As long as you are able to tie a topic into your interest, then you can write about it.

Examiner does ask that you write in third person and check your spelling and grammar. However, you are able to write actual articles without worrying about starting a sentence with a verb or losing your individual writing style. While channel managers do ask that you write at least three or four articles per week, you are still eligible to earn money as long as you write at least one article a month.

Examiner actually recommends that you avoid writing extremely long articles. That does not mean that you can write one paragraph and expect to earn money. It does mean that you can write a couple of paragraphs on the subject and move on. If you have articles that are longer, then they recommend you break them into multiple articles.

What is their formula? When do we get paid?

When I joined Examiner, I read that we receive about a penny per view, but the actual formula is a bit of a secret. Some say that it is a combination of article views, advertisement clicks, and whether or not you are a local Examiner writing about local events.

In terms of payment, Examiner pays once a month just like eHow. However, you must earn at least $25 in order to receive payment. The amount of money you earn each month will continue to roll over until you reach the $25 mark.

There is a lot to learn about Examiner, so stay tuned for part two! If you are interested in doing your own research, go to www.examiner.com . Feel free to look at my profile and subscribe to my articles. Also, don't forget to check out Alrady's profile on Examiner and use her full name for the referral if you decide to register for the site.

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