April 27, 2010

Examiner: Part 2

If you love writing for Examiner, Ehow, Bukisa, Hub, Squidoo, share your stuff here!

Alrady? Are you still asleep? Shhh...I think she's still napping, so I'll go ahead and publish the rest of the information about Examiner.

Are there any perks?

If you are a local Examiner, then you can earn extra money if you write articles with a local focus. You have to write a couple of articles a week with a strong local focus in order to claim the extra money, but the extra money does come in handy when it comes to residual income. The program also has an "Examiner Perks" feature where Examiners can receive discounts on purchases from select retailers.

One big perk that I like is the fact that Examiner is considered to be credible. During my first year on Examiner, I have been contacted to write articles for HostelsClub, Hostelworld, Madison Square Garden Entertainment (yes, about the Rockettes), and Youth Vote Overseas. I have also seen one or two special project articles listed on Google News. Not everyone receives this kind of attention, but I have heard from fellow Examiners who claim to have received discounts, gifts, invites to special events, etc.

How do I become a success on Examiner?

First, you need to pick a topic that is not only popular, but a topic that you like. I do not make a ton of money on the travel section of Examiner, but there are people who make money through popular topics such as UFO's and celebrity topics. However, picking a popular topic means nothing if you are not passionate about writing the articles.

Writing often is another tip for becoming a successful Examiner. Examiners who receive the most success usually write multiple articles a week if not daily. Many Examiners claim that writing articles about current events earn more than evergreen articles. Personally, I believe as long as you remain an active member of the site and post often then you will receive higher page views and earnings.

Finally, you need to use your knowledge of SEO and site promotion. Yes, your lessons in using SEO for eHow are useful for Examiner as well. I was actually encouraged to add a few links from previous Examiner articles into my current Examiner articles. That way, more people can view these articles which also adds more money to my account. In the past, I have liked a few of my eHow articles about travel to the "For more information" section of my articles. However, make sure you do not go overboard with linking all of your articles inside one Examiner article.

This is a lot of information to absorb at first, but I hope you at least give Examiner a try. It is a wonderful residual income website. The beautiful Alrady is also a member of Examiner and you can read some of her most recent articles at her channel. Also, you can use her full name at Examiner as a referral if you do decide to sign up for Examiner. Don't forget to check out my articles as well.

Oops, she's waking back up! I better get out of here before she catches me.

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