July 30, 2010

Writing as a Hobby, Not a Job

Hello Everyone! 

As writers, I think we all understand how much we put into our writing. We love what we do and continue to do it even if we do not get much in return. However, sometimes one begins to wonder if their stuff is being read! We have all kinds of statistics telling us that we are getting traffic and all, but when no comments or sign of life is left, how would we know? It could be a computer robot scanning through our writing for all we know! Still this doesn't stop us from writing about things we are passionate and knowledgeable about. 

For instance, I know I enjoy providing college advice to students who are heading to college or have been there before and just need some motivation. I love taking my experience about buying college textbooks and spreading it all over my blog so that others will benefit from it. I know I have learned a great deal and saved so much money from trial and error. Then there is my graduate school admission experience; not only has it been stressful, rather it has been drenching! However, I learned to cope and use positive thinking to help myself get through it all. What do you know? It worked! I managed to get a placement in a graduate program for the fall 2010 semester!

You see, as writers we write as a hobby, not as a job; I don't even make enough to pay my phone bill, so that's not my motivation. I write because I enjoy it and it relaxes me. When I was going to college online, writing was my getaway from studying and reading textbooks. It was this whole new world I can escape to;  you know what, you can too... 

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