December 8, 2010

Why You Should Get Your Own Domain Name and Hosting

by LilBlackDress
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Sometimes people ask why they should pay for hosting when they can use sites like blogger or tumblr for free. Or why they should pay a yearly fee for a domain name when they can just make one up on one of these sites. The answer is simple. When you use paid hosting you own the site and can control what goes on the site. When you pay for a domain name you are branding that name for yourself.

One only has to look at the past year or so to see how true this is. If you had invested time in Vox, you would have been sad to see it close up shop. If you made a Squidoo lens in the past and it was on a topic like weight loss or make money at home, you may have found it got locked. If you wrote for ehow, you probably discovered a number of your articles got deleted during the ehow sweeps. And many a blogger has found their blogger blog has been deleted for one reason or another. Not to mention the restrictions on these sites. You are limited to certain types of ads etc.

How would you feel if you built up the site and someone comes along and buys diverting a lot of your traffic. Because it will happen. Most people will think of the .com not or another free site name.

Build a Domain and They  Will Come

If you want to build any type of sustainable business you need to buy a domain name and get hosting. It is more professional and you control it. So where to buy from? Well it’s a good idea to buy the name and the hosting from two different companies. I won’t get into a lot of detail on this but suffice to say that you have less chance of potential problems if you ever left one of the companies. Some hosts have been known to hold names in hostage.

For domain names, I have found NameCheap to offer the best pricing both initially and for renewals. You will often find cheap bargains at other sites but when it comes time to renew it is a different story. I learned the hard way when I found a certain well known webhosting companies renewal fees and privacy would run several hundred more than Namecheap. For a year a domain name at Namecheap runs about $10.


Next consider hosting. I have found Hostgator to be an excellent webhost providing great webhosting and support. They just go that extra mile to explain things. I have had them walk me through backing up my website, transferring a site and more. Prices on Hostgator are very reasonable and depend on the package you select, pricing starts at $4.95 for a single domain and $6.95 for unlimited domains. I recommend the $6.95 package so you can make more than one website.

Once you have your website, you can easily put on Wordpress. It is just a click of a button and you can upload themes directly at the WP site. Don’t be nervous about starting a site. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it is fun and easy.


So what should you call your site? The best name is one that is easy to remember and has your keywords in it. Avoid using hard to spell words, numbers etc. That said,, the Work at Home Money site does well. But it would be much easier if I had a “make money online” name. Not only for rankings but Google Adsense used to keep putting dress related ads on my site!

.com, .org. .net…what is best? It really depends on your goals. Most people think of the .com first so if you can get that, go for it. But if you can’t .net and .org are also popular. I have had success with .info’s also but some people do not like them. If you can’t get the name you want try adding on something at the end. Words such as circle, spot, place, site etc can all work. Or you can add to the beginning with a word like best, the, top etc. Dashes are not the best idea. Can you imagine making a video and sharing your site name?


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To Your Success!


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