December 4, 2010

Ten Ways to Monetize Article-Writing!

Article Writing:  Image Credit

Are you ready to make money online through your writing efforts? You have come to the right place. In this article you will find ten quick steps to making more money online with writing. Follow along and feel free to ask questions if you need help.

Step 1. Send your articles to ezines or websites so that they will get published. A good one is and they are constantly on the lookout for good, value-filled articles. You can add your resource box at the end of the article and, once published, you appear as an expert in your particular niche.

Step 2. Consider gathering up the articles you have written and combine them to make an ebook; make sure that they are related to each other! Offer it as a value-filled bonus for your customers and suggest that they can give it away to theirs – make sure that your website link is at the bottom of each page.

Step 3. Do some online research and make a list of all the places which accept articles – an article directory. There are many of them and if you turn your directory into an attractive-looking web page and add it to your own website, visitors will visit just to get the free information!

Step 4. Turn some of your previously-written articles into a report! Offer it as a free report along with your main product or service – people LOVE free bonuses and your sales will increase! Make certain that the combination of articles “fit” and that they are all in the same or related niche!

Step 5. Consider offering your articles to print publications – you’ll find them online! They pay for article submissions and free-lance writers can make extra income in this way. These publications are constantly on the look-out for good content and value-rich articles.

Step 6. An ebook consisting of all your articles would sell from your website. Ensure that the articles are directed at the same niche and complement each other, flowing from one to the next. Turn it into an attractive-looking ebook with a cover (put your website URL on it) and you have found a simple way to create another stream of income.

Step 7. This is a great idea! Tell your visitors that they can add your free article directory to their websites by linking up with yours! This will increase traffic to your site and more sales will follow.

Step 8. Search out online communities online. Post your articles on them as this will get free advertising on newsgroups, discussion groups and most important of all – forums. You can find forums online – just type in “forums” and find the ones most suited to your product or service!

Step 9. Suggest that your article appear in other marketer's ebooks! You can find them in forums and discussion groups and they too, are always looking for good, fresh content. Your article could appear in dozens of ebooks and all for free. You don’t even have to promote your article, product or service – the ebooks will do it for you!

Step 10. Use your auto-responder! When emailing your list, add your article to it – you’ve done two jobs at the same time – promoted your product and provided a free article of value to every subscriber you have.

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Alrady said...

Great article Charlotte. The step about article directory submissions is so important. I have had some articles double and even quadruple revenue after submission. I really should take time to submit more of my "evergreen" articles!!!!

In the right hand column, there is scrolling display of sites places to submit articles to.

Bill said...

Learning How to Write an Article

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The first step in writing an article is to think about several points you want to make within the article. Try to come up with at least two or three ideas to put into different paragraphs of the article. You need enough information so that each paragraph is at least four to five sentences long. If an idea pops into your head, make sure to jot it down on paper or save it on your computer. If you are having writer's block, step away from the computer and give yourself some time to mull your ideas over in your head before you write an article.
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Marko Preece

SusanG said...

Wow these are some tips that I did not think about. I am adding them to my to do list.

Priscilla said...

This is so helpful. My head is spinning with ideas! Thanks!