June 21, 2011

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A friend from Ehow days let me know of her blog that has been revamped and is updated. I am impressed with the quality of the links that are useful to writers. As a writer for Examiner, I quickly checked out her links to her second link as it HOOKED me with the introduction! I posted the link with introduction that spelled out some writing guidelines for online production!~ 

Income Xpress | Simple Methods of Earning Money Online | Tools To Earn Money Online: "News Headlines for Online Income
News Headlines for Making Money Online June 18th 2011 - "As many viewers have taken notice to my online headline news for making money online, I’ve gotten positive feedback so far. It’s empowering to read news related to working online and earning money online since it’s a way of life for many people. It’s hard to come across news that is worthy to read related to earning income online. Here are the latest news headlines for earning online for the weekend of June 18th 2011."

MagNet11: The Yahoo guide to effective web writing (plus my two cents) - “On Wednesday at MagNet Chris Barr, senior editorial director at Yahoo, gave a presentation on web writing. I wasn’t able to make it but my friend Jaclyn Law, a freelance writer and editor, was there and shared her notes with me.”

Christine has done a fine job with this blog of informative information! Looking forward to more posts soon!

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Christen said...

Thanks! I've really worked hard on the site and I appreciate you posting this. I really am trying to create an unique and blog that will be respected and valued. I'm so tired of seeing spam! I actually didn't know that was yours until I read it a second time!! Hope all is well with you!