November 1, 2011

Make More Money With Google Adsense

"Make money" are keywords that are of interest to anyone who publishes online and has Google adsense on their content. We have all heard the tales of fellow writers who work out of their home and earn hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month, while others struggle with their content and are lucky if they earn $100.00. Sadly, many fine writers are not earning their full potential. Their content high quality, keywords for the masses, photographs on every post and Adsense is related and they are earning pennies a day for their blogs.

I hear you, I was in the same boat for years going nowhere with my blogs. It was like going upstream without a paddle. Everyone said backlinking is the secret and they were telling you the truth; however, they omitted in telling you the method for earning more from backlinks. I learned after viewing the video below that not all backlinks are created equal.

I came across the money making video by accident. I was looking for a related video for this blog, so I was checking YouTube and stumbled onto this one. I viewed it and learned what I was doing wrong. Okay I admit it I was skeptical and thought this is just too easy. But at the same time I thought what do I have to lose? I am earning nothing worth bragging about so why not try the methods.

Click to enlarge to view comment on PBenfield blog - I used open URL

Day one: I commented on related blogs. I did a Google search for the top 10 blogs that related to my post.  I then choose blogs posts that had many comments because the post was popular and I figured my comment may get traffic. Instead of signing with my name and my blog profile I signed with a related keyword and a link from my garden blog. From there I commented on 9 additional blogs. To test this method I did not share my blog on twitter or facebook; in fact I walked away from my computer and spent the day weeding my gardens. On that day I had 657 views and earned $3.12. My daily earning made me stop and think; what if I earned $3.00 for each of my 7 blogs that would equal $21.00 per day and $630.00 a month.

It was as if fireworks erupted in my head and I knew that the sky was the limit and I was motivated.   I knew the secret for making more money with Google Adsense and I was working toward a goal to get out of debt. Hopefully in a few months I will obtain my goal.

My goal is to publish 23 additional blogs by the end of the year. If my 30 blogs earn $1.00 a day then I would be out of debt and sitting pretty.

So what are you waiting for? View the video, take notes and dream big. Today is the day that you will start earning more from Google Adsense. 


I spent the better part of yesterday commenting on popular blogs that had related topic.  I noticed today that I have more comments on my content and that I am earning more.  I do think this method is a valuable way to backlink your blogs.  I also noticed that the said blog post that I used as my signature URL increased in Google rankings.  So is this method worth the effort?  I think that it has many benefits and is most definitely worth the effort. 

Comments on the blogs should be quality, discuss the article you have read and submit a lengthy comment.  Refrain from using short and sweet comments;  Nice post thanks for sharing.  These comments will be viewed as spam.  I generally leave a comment of 300 characters.

Share the blog post on Twitter or facebook.  The sharing will help the blogger and it will help you to gain more exposure.  The viewer may like your comment and will want to learn more and will click on your hyperlink.

Post by Susan Golis: Blogger, freelance writer and photo art designer
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Angelgirlpj said...

I totally trust you and truly wished I could view the video to gain your knowledge, however I have dial up. I don't need riches however would like to start making money either with my articles or blog.

Alrady said...
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Alrady said...

I meant to say that the video itself is very short and does not go into the method at all.... so the video is not as necessary as reading what Susan posted. :)

Gayle said...

Darla--I also totally trust you and am interested!

Alrady said...

Thanks GAYLE, I think Susan is totally right on the money for this posting. I didnt' write it though. I have used the method she talks about only I used just my name instead of keywords. I have seen others develop email addresses with keywords to use for their postings. amazing

Gayle said...

Thanks for the correction! I also have great respect for Susan Golis! I want to learn more!

PMBenfield said...

I totally trust Susan. I am willing to give this a try and see what happens. Thanks for this post.

SGolis said...

I continued to test this method for increasing backlinks to your blogs and found that it is beneficial. I updated this post with my finding and suggestions. Please view Notes:

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

Patrice said...

Thanks for sharing this information, Susan. The idea seems pretty simple to apply, It just takes consistent effort and time to get those 30 blogs set up with 10 articles each, and then to do the backlinking by commenting on related blogs. Btw, I was able to watch the entire video on YouTube which helped me understand the process. I'll be checking out the workingforgoogle site as well. Great information!

SGolis said...

Darla...I agree I would backlink with my name and my blog profile as my URL when I made comments on blogs. I think the backlinking with keyword instead of your name is brilliant. My one friend told me that bloggers have been doing this method (keyword name and related post URL as signature for comment for years. They learned about it in books that they bought and assumed that everyone knew.

It is a new method for me, and for the rest of you too...and I am glad I was able to help.

CM Herold said...

Thanks for this very helpful and motivating post.