February 17, 2012

GOOGLE RANK CHECKER and Google changes

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Google has changed so much over the past year that many people are struggling to make first or second page.   I found a great blogpost by PotPieGirl with an embeddable Google rank checker.  Here is the checker - with intro post byPotPieGirl.   HOPE everyone is having a great week..

What that all means is the when YOU type your keywords into Google, you most likely are not getting accurate feedback on where you rank. In fact, it could be SO far reality that it’s not even funny.

For example, if you tend to click on your own listings in the Google SERPs often, Google tends to rank your pages higher for YOUR results. Meaning, you might THINK you rank on Page 1 when in reality, you don’t.
Read more: http://www.potpiegirl.com/tools/#ixzz1mfL9q5vc

1 comment:

S Golis said...

The rank checker is very helpful. My garden and cat blogs are on page one...awesome. Thanks for sharing