May 20, 2012

Are you a Cheating Writer?

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Yup it's two in the morning and as sleep eludes me, my mind wanders to an epidemic tidal wave of  cheating I have witnessed on several websites.  Authors are grabbing information from other authors - lifting and in some cases out right copying others work. Photos are being stolen from sites such as CelebBuzz, E!, Google Images, Playboy, Getty, and Popsugar.

People are getting so brazen as to crop off the identifying marks of the photos, lifting complete slide shows from Y! and copying unique ideas and angles of other authors work. Copying structure including original observations can lead to copyright claims. Grabbing photos from Google Search Images is THEFT. Just because you see a photo on more than one site - does not make it public domain.

Some websites are inadvertently encouraging these actions and other sites are just not cracking down hard and fast.  Have you been a victim of others stealing your work?  In this case - imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery - it is theft of time and money. If you have done this - you'd better change your evil ways - baby -  because many authors and photographers are cracking down and no longer taking it lightly.

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