April 15, 2013

Alternatives for Amazon Affiliates – Life After the Tax Bill

Alternatives for Amazon Affiliates – Life After the Tax Bill:

NOTE: IN looking for affiliate programs for my legal blog, I ran across a post of Pat Flynn's that grabbed my attention.  The post above might be a little dated for some of you, (July 2011) however it has a nice little section that outlines a few affiliates programs that will provide something a little different than the "same old - same old."

Exploring further a couple of posts caught my eye and since I have known Pat for years (think old eHow days) I decided to add those links here for my friends that are having trouble earning a buck on blogging.

Blogging Tips You Should Know  

THE Backlinking Strategy That Works 

Backlinking Strategy & Process Overview" 

If you are like me, after reading a couple related links - you have forgotten the title link above - so don't forget to hit the title link and start down the road to affiliate link alternatives

Enjoy the information and Pat if you are reading this -- feel free to drop a note! 

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