April 12, 2013

UPDATE on writer's helping homeless author: Over 3K on Fundrazr.com

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People are rejoicing because we are just a mile away from the finish line in helping one person overcome homelessness. Fellow author Upon Request (Squidoo) aka, AFuller (Seekyt) has been living in a major city's tent city. So far, we have to say -- GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!!

The tent city homeless shelter is a temporary residence and hopefully the donations coming in and the promotion of the author's work will help get her back on her feet in a solid way.

It is thrilling to see the fund grow and over the next month to six weeks we hope to see the fund grow enough to cover three months rent and food, so that the author can get stable and in turn help others. Donations are coming in to help with immediate needs and for the shelter itself. Follow progress by checking the widget at the bottom of this article.

Seekyt.com is a website with compassion: Owner helps promote Fundrazr for homeless author


Video: The Homeless Tent City in Google and Facebook's Backyard

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