April 6, 2013

Seekyt.com is a website with compassion: Owner helps promote Fundrazr for homeless author

Homeless Photo: via HUD.gov
Today, I received a message about the fund raising efforts of writers that have banded together to help a fellow writer who has hit hard times and is currently residing in tent city, a homeless shelter. What is making me almost cry are two things:

1) Tyler, the owner of Seekyt.com (a writing website) has recognized the need of the community of authors. Tyler, has helped promote the fundraising efforts of writers from many different websites and placed it in a prominent position on the FRONT page of the website. The Fundrazr post is located in a very visible position and includes a click out to the site for donations. Tyler took this action even during weekend hours. That is what I call awesome! Friends are responding to the act of kindness:
"What Tyler did is incredible....I just am so overwhelmed with emotion.” Anon

“I'm so proud of Susan and of Seekyt! That's a wonderful thing to do for Angela!” – Nancy Hardin

“He has a heart of gold. There is no question to big or small, he will answer it. He treats the writers like people not users.”  Susan Golis

Tyler really cares about the writers and the individual community members of Seekyt.  As writers, we are always looking to find sites that treat us like human beings.  I have to say Tyler’s actions make me want to write at Seekyt!  How about you?  If you are involved in this project make sure to give him a big thank you. 

"Into the Light": Let's help others get into the light! photo credit:HUD.gov
2) People everywhere have joined in and the Fundrazr account is growing and has met the basic minimal goal. The second goal of raising enough to allow the author to relocate to an apartment. Starting over is hard and without a boost sometimes it is next to impossible to regain footing.  It only takes a job loss, tornado or earthquake to risk being in the same situation. That is why I am all in favor of this project and thrilled by the compassion of others. 

Squidoo.com has featured the writings of Upon Request (aka, AFuller) on their LOTD page (Lens of the Day).  It is great to have community that bands together. 

Susan Golis shared her post on Facebook so that the writers could see that all the efforts are making an impact on others. My final thought is that it is wonderful when this kind of thing happens and I have to agree with her posting:  

"Tyler the administrator at Seekyt is one in a million….his kindness has brought tears to my eyes." 

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