April 3, 2013

Writers united giving writer friend a hand: Heartstrings tugged as writer shares "Homeless in Seattle" experience

Living In A Tent City by Nancy Brown Hardin:

Our friend, UPON REQUEST from eHow,  InfoBarrel, Squidoo, Seekyt and even  Zazzle has made a lens based on her experience in a homeless tent city in Seattle. Our friend Nancy Hardin was so touched by the story and responded immediately to reach out to author UPON REQUEST, letting other writers and authors know about the special lens and the woman courageously writing about her life experiences. 

After reading the Squidoo lens: Homeless in Seattle - friends got together and Nancy spearheaded a fundraising drive to help with immediate needs

Susan Golis organized a Pinterest board linking many of UPON REQUEST's Zazzle products and others are gathering to promote the Pinterest Zazzle, Squidoo and Seekyt projects.  

Won't you join in by:
1) Donating a few dollars (think Starbucks and Big Macs). Okay,  I will skip one meal cause, eating a Big Mac while a person lives like this =====>>>>>

2)  SHARE these projects, the Squidoo Lens and Fundrazr with your social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Foursquare, Tumblr and other sites. 

Maybe you know someone that is philanthropic and will donate items from UPON REQUEST's Squidoo Lens Wish List for Tent City. If everyone will do one or two things - then much will happen for not only this special author (who is very courageous in telling her story) but also for others who have bad situations right now.

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