May 17, 2013

Congratulations… Now, Stop Being A Wuss. | The RANT

NOTE: I LOVE THIS PART Of Carlton's post!   How to learn to be succesful in life does depend on our ability to form thoughts and relate to others. You can't do that by not ever learning how the other half thinks!

Congratulations… Now, Stop Being A Wuss. | The RANT:
"(One caveat to self-education: You must, early on, read up on how debates are actually taught. Or join a debate club.
I’m serious. Best thing I’ve ever done. As you sample debating, you should demand that you get to defend the OPPOSITE viewpoint that you currently hold for any subject. This forces you to look beyond your petty biases, and open your mind to other points of view.
This is a HUGE advantage to have in your toolkit throughout life. Everyone else will be hobbled with un-examined party-line nonsense and indoctrinated crap they can’t even begin to defend when challenged…"

… while you — with your rare ability to walk in anyone’s shoes, and to feel the pain or glory of alien thought patterns — will forever more see beyond the sound bites and cliches. And be able to eloquently explain anything, to anyone.

You will actually begin to sense vestiges of “truth” in the wreckage of our modern culture."

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