May 14, 2013

Save Money: Tips for getting the most from your hard earned dollars!

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Tips for getting the most from your hard earned dollars!


Buy clothing and shoes off season! I save up to 90% on our clothing and shoes buying off season. That means purchasing what we need (or want) at the end of the season and putting it away for the following year. Styles (even designer brands) do not change that drastically from year to year. Buy a size larger for your children. Even if they grow quickly and grow over the size you haven't invested that much money in the item to get upset over it. I'm certain you will be able to sell that brand new with tags item at a yard sale or to a friend who will be thrilled to obtain that item for their child at such a great price. Some stores like Kohl's will accept your returns even up to a year or more old as long as they still have the tags attached and you have your receipt.

Get rid of that expensive fancy cell phone plan! You are throwing away your hard earned money each month paying for that fancy cell phone plan. I dumped ours years ago because we were paying for minutes that we never used. If you are a big cell phone user then I guess it is worth having the fancy phone and expensive plan but I save a bundle each year using a pay as you go plan like Tracfone, Net10 or Straight Talk! It cost me about $110.00 per year per cell phone to have cell phone coverage with the latest phone. Tracfone now has a triple minute plan that you can buy and each time you renew your yearly plan you will receive triple minutes. Check out all the many options and plans available at Tracfone, Net10 or Straight Talk! You'd be very surprised what you can get with a pay as you go plan.

Start a veggie garden! Get together with some friends/neighbors and see if they can grow something different so that you can all share in the bounty. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, melons and lots of herbs each year. Even if you only have the room to grow herbs in pots on your windowsill then do so. Check out the vast selection of seeds and instructional videos that Burpee has to offer on their website. It's free and a wonderful resource for great deals on seeds and information.

Don't purchase items you really don't need. Make a list and stick to it when you go food shopping. Think twice before purchasing those pink shoes – exactly how many times will you wear pink shoes? Weigh the cost of a repairs vs. new - you would be surprised how much more life you can get out of that washer with a simple repair. If you are handy there is a wealth of information on the internet on how to do your own repairs. If the project looks too overwhelming then don't tackle it, call a professional but be sure to get an estimate before he starts the work. Don't trust any of the local professionals? – Join Angie's List it's well worth the small fee you have to pay each year to get the valuable information on her list. My blog followers are thrilled with their memberships to Angie's List for peace of mind in knowing that no one can pay to be on Angie's List but they have to earn their reputation on the list with A+ ratings from people like you and I.

My journey as Rosey The Coupon Coach started over 25 years ago when I needed to find a way to help the families that were associated with my charities stretch their limited weekly income. 
Since that time I have perfected a technique that helps me save over $10,000.00 a year on my spending.  This affords me the opportunity to donate what I save to local charitable organizations in the form of groceries, clothing, health and beauty items, toys, shoes, gift cards, and much more. 
Come save with me at I post daily tips and deals to my blog and Facebook ( page each day that will help you save on anything from clothing to travel.

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