May 12, 2013

Squidoo locking lenses and Google's hitting content websites hard!

If you were hit hard by Squidoo locked lenses check out  NANCY Hardin's Squidoo - Facebook Community  has plenty of information for people!    My  heart goes out to those hit so hard by their recent changes yesterday's Squid lockdowns that happened without warning.  Squidoo IMHO has shot themselves in the foot, seemingly far worse than any other site right now that is struggling to adapt to all the Google changes.  The locking of lenses without warning for people that have been there 4-5 years, well it is very reminiscent of days gone by elsewhere. Squidoo is not doing this for fun - of that I am sure, because they are going to be losing revenue too.

One thing other writing sites has taught me - you can't fight city hall. I may be wrong about Squid - but I doubt that much will change because of user input.  Squid itself is losing just as much as the lens-masters lose, because it is rev share. 'Nuff said from me on Squid. Other sites hit harder earlier this year seem to have gained in this latest Google Merry-Go-Round.  Please comment if you know of a site where the results are worth the effort. Where will you be when the next Panda update hits?

My sympathies also to those at other sites or with personal website drops.  I think this will be big learning experience for many and a dropping off for others. One thing  I learned from a successful writing friend (after we experienced some Examiner setbacks) was to dig in hard and fast and find workarounds to site changes. I know that right now people are scrambling on Squidoo -- so  my thoughts are this: dig in hard and deep and be decisive. Like my friend you might have to work 2-3 times as hard (or as I say 2-3x smarter) --  But you will get through this!!!  Watch out next time for traffic surges to your content. It seems to be a predictive bad omen! It may be you have to move your material - or it could mean total revision.

Meanwhile, invest in Google stock because predictions are Google will come out the winner, hitting $1,000 a share faster than other companies - Google is even able to predict a companies future Wall Street success.  WOW 

If anyone has a great place to write - let us know!  Sticke together as writers and help each other's efforts to succeed.  "What goes around - comes around," my mom always said! 


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