June 19, 2013

Live From Belly Acres, Alabama: Battling Writers: Main Event Battle!

NOTE: While this is a major news item for online writers, it is nothing new. This battle has been going on ages. We have seen the issue crop up multiple times recently with contests of which is more authentic - news media or citizen journalists. My feeling is that both have their merits.  Now it is officially on: writers duking it out on forums. Belly  Acres points out it the debate is leaving the written forums as the writers take it to the mat - video mat that is! The debate will air live on Spreecast Thursday, June 20th at 8 pm CDT. 

Belly Acres, Alabama: online writing:
"Next time you catch a battle on tv or on YouTube, take a look at the audience.  Solid moves draw cheers, and particularly painful jabs prod onlookers to cringe.

I certainly appreciate a good bout, but I didn’t think I’d be oohing, ouching, wincing, and belly-laughing quite so much over a written writers’ blog battle.  Better yet…they’re taking it into the video ring.
Round One
Earlier this week . . ."
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