June 20, 2013

Writers must value freedom: Do you value your freedom? Call to ACTION

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THIS IS OFF MY NORMAL writing topics, but the topic of government eavesdropping is very important to everyone of us that values freedom. Please just ignore if you are one of those that doesn't care if your personal life becomes government fodder (regardless of which political party does the invasion).  It is my stance that writers, authors, columnists, bloggers and journalists should recognize and value privacy and freedom from government intrusion - perhaps more than anyone else. With journalists and bloggers thrown in jail for their reports - this situation with a whistleblower takes on new importance.
Right now a whistleblower on governmental intrusion needs our support: Avaaz - Stand with Edward Snowden:
Some of you may be unaware that the government is now collecting all kinds of telephone data on YOUR cell phone and is able to read all your texts, emails and internet activity. So far the IRS scandal has hidden the enormity of the new intrusions into our personal lives.  Even if you don't read up on the scandal - you can at least support the guy who brought the information out and is needs our support. Start reading up and also check out the trends in law enforcement.

Standards are being set and will be expanded upon in the future as there does not seem to be any time limits to government tactics. The idiom is correct:

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely 
I rarely sign petitions or give my email address out (maybe 10x in the last 2 years). This is worth signing, in my opinion. This is my CALL TO ACTION: READ UP, TAKE ACTION,  AND SHARE THIS POST

Avaaz - Stand with Edward Snowden:
"This 29 year-old analyst just gave up his whole life -- his girlfriend, his job, and his home -- to blow the whistle on the US government's shocking PRISM program -- which has been reading and recording our emails, Skype messages, Facebook posts and phone calls for years.
When Bradley Manning passed this kind of data to Wikileaks, the US threw him naked into solitary confinement . . ."

emphasis mine: 'via Blog this'

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