November 10, 2010

Writing Online and SEO - The Keywords to Success

           I was very skeptical when I first read about making money online. I studied books, joined a couple of members only websites that promised to teach me how to do it, but I was just having a hard time understanding the whole concept. It was confusing, because there were so many ways to do it. There were affiliate marketing schemes, Adwords promotions, eBooks and freelance writing opportunities. The one method that made the most sense to me was freelance writing. I discovered eHow and wrote my first article. When I made my first .03 cents two weeks later, I was hooked! 

            My early attempts at writing online where clumsy, at best. Not that I was writing poorly, it was just that I had no idea about SEO and how to write an article that would take advantage of the ranking systems of search engines. After writing 30-some articles and seeing very little earnings I went to the forums and was shocked to find people there claiming earnings of hundreds…even thousands of dollars a month! That began my education on SEO and how to use keywords in my articles to help my articles rank, bringing more people to view them, thus, increasing my earnings. Once I started putting these SEO practices into place, my earnings soared. I now make about $300 a month on eHow and it just keeps growing and getting better all the time. The best part is that these methods don’t only work for eHow. I’ve used them on and other places as well, with great success.

            If you want to be successful at any online writing endeavor, you have to learn how to use keywords properly. It will make all the difference. I wrote these articles to share what I learned, and have heard back from many of my eHow friends who told me that their earnings increased after reading them. I hope that you will find them helpful too. 

How to Use Google Adwords Keywords Tool Step-by-Step Guide

(remember that these principles work for all forms of online writing…not just eHow)


Alrady said...

Diane these articles have been so helpful to me, that I am sure other writers will benefit from reading them and employing the advice given. Thank you for such a great article.

College Advice said...

These are wonderful articles Diane, thank you! I am seriously not familiar with SEO, thus, your articles are very helpful!

kp3028 said...

I appreciate all the help these articles have provided.