June 28, 2012

PR Newswire - Can your blog live without it?

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Today I installed a new gadget. If you look to the right of the screen, there are news headlines brought to you by PR Newswire.   I am so impressed with this service. The team at PR Newswire noticed I was having trouble with the news feed. The company emailed me and offered help.  The team developed a special code to bring you the reader, current news about SEO and also news about affiliate links. 

They walked me through installation step by step. The readjusted codes and tailored the news for each of my blogs. Did I mention they answered every email promptly? 

There is also a landing page for the news on the page tabs. Make sure to visit it often to keep up to date in the world of online writing and making money online. 

Comments and suggestions are welcome. If you want a great free service for your blog, grab the widget and if you need help let me know. I'll put you in touch with PR Newswires team. They are the best customer service team I have seen in ages. 

Happy 4th of July - 


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