February 17, 2011

Business Owners Continue to Struggle

Layoffs are still happening, unemployment is still a problem. People who were laid off, or took a buyout from a corporation, decided to go into their own business. They found it wasn't easy, even if the service they were providing was the same service the provided very well as a 'past employee'. Unfortunately, now as the business owner, they have to 'find clients to service' who will PAY them.

Even if you are a freelance writer, you have to reach out to publishers to find markets for your articles, short stories, novels, and magazine features. Sometimes it isn't easy to turn your hobby, into a financially rewarding career.

Here is some advice a business consultant can give you to help you improve the bottom line of your business. Whether you are networking or making cold calls you have to 'open the door to new opportunities'. Read:

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How to Increase Sales Revenue
How to Prospect Successfully
How to Build Strategic Alliances
How to Enjoy Cold Calling

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Alrady said...

Great article KP... I have not reached out to publishers much but that is something many readers do. Having biz cards is important to give to interested friends and acquaintances as they inquire about "what do you do all day at home?"