February 17, 2011

Team Cross Promote! Don't let life sting you increase revenue with a little help from your friends

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Wow, this month passed very quickly. Let me tell you that each month of cross promotion helps establishes your articles further into the spidery depths of the world wide web.  

I have been cross promoting 5 articles a month with SUSAN GOLIS from eHow. Susan also maintains a wonderful blog: Yard and Garden Secrets.


Now while I mostly twitter, utilize twitwall, stumble and blog - 
Susan will post to social media and just plain goes the second, third fourth mile to help the team!  This is great method for increasing backlinks but if you don't have a  blog you can drop links into appropriate forums and news article responses.


If you have not partnered up with a friend to cross promote then do it TODAY... do not wait 5 minutes, dig in.  After a few months you will be glad you made the move.                                                                                                                        

Take a second to look at each of the 5 articles here and help a cat loving friend out by sharing with your friends.    See you next  month.... and  share your experiences of cross promoting in the comments box below.


    kp3028 said...

    Yes it has been good cross promoting with Alrady and Susan; it has definitely increased views which do translate into earnings.

    Thanks to all....working on it right now.

    Alrady said...

    If you all look to the right and scroll a smitchy - there is free link exchange directory thing... it scrolls.

    SusanG said...

    This month I can see the difference in my residual earnings and my audience has grown on my blogs and my articles. It takes about 6 months for the backlinks to ripen, as they get better with age. Cross Promoting content is the key to success for the online writer. I have no idea why writers are hesitant in participating in CROSS PROMOTION...all I can say is just DO IT!