February 25, 2011

Official Google Blog: Finding more high-quality sites in search

NOTE: Google has announced some changes about how they are determining search engine ranking worthiness. Other articles about this topic have focused on content mills and stated that DS(ehow.com) stock dipped closing lower, after Google released news about algorithm changes.

 One wonders if sites using Google tools such as Blog This or Blogger or Blogspot will be favored or not? It seems that they have utilized reports of blocked sites - does this mean that website owners can manipulate this also? It sounds unlikely but then again if sites can build traffic (unethically) then sites might be able to take down other sites in a simliar manner (unethically).... it remains to be seen.

For now I just have to say that while I like Google, maybe BING or YAHOO need to move more to the forefront - competition helps keep things on an even keel, in my opinon.

Official Google Blog: Finding more high-quality sites in search: "We can’t make a major improvement without affecting rankings for many sites. It has to be that some sites will go up and some will go down. Google depends on the high-quality content created by wonderful websites around the world, and we do have a responsibility to encourage a healthy web ecosystem. Therefore, it is important for high-quality sites to be rewarded, and that’s exactly what this change does.
It’s worth noting that this update does not rely on the feedback we’ve received from the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension, which we launched last week. However, we did compare the Blocklist data we gathered with the sites identified by our algorithm, and we were very pleased that the preferences our users expressed by using the extension are well represented. If you take the top several dozen or so most-blocked domains from the Chrome extension, then this algorithmic change addresses 84% of them, which is strong independent confirmation of the user benefits."
Keep reading the Google title link to find out more about Google Search  Engine changes.

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SusanG said...

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