March 22, 2011

Promote Yourself: More About You & Your Business

This woman has an amazing blog and I want to share it with my writing friends. This makes team cross promote look anemic!
For those that don't know ALL my blogs are DO FOLLOW. I don't believe in NO follow - whether it hurts or not is questionable. Anna has a great idea here and hopefully you can learn from it or participate.

Promote Yourself: More About You & Your Business: "Many visitors to this page ask me what they can do for me – that’s very kind of you, guys.

Yes, there is one thing you can do for me: SPREAD THE WORD!

Read my other posts - I promise they will help you to grow a better business!
Leave me comments on my other posts – it helps me tremendously to know what people think!
Let others know about my blog – share some Twitter, Facebook, etc. love!
Refer your friends and let me know what you think, in other words.

All of it will be GREATLY appreciated.


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Gertie and Lori said...

I'm loving your blog, Darla! You write so eloquently and personally. It's like I'm sitting there with you and a cup of coffee and chatting. Great job.