April 2, 2011

Google’s new algorithm changes: websites and writing online

NOTE: If you are struggling with all the changes on websites such as Examiner, and other writing sites, you are not alone.

The last few weeks has had several Examiner writers scrambling to keep up with changes for news requirements. Many blame the websites for all the changes, it is Google shaking things up. It remains to be seen if this will increase the popularity of Bing or Yahoo Search engines. AHHH remember when it was Lycos, Infoseek or Dogpile as the Search Engines of choice? Back then, things were simpler, but I digress!

Since I am mostly focused on Examiner, it has been not as difficult to initiate the changes required by Google.

Many of the changes we are seeing in writing websites are due to Google demands. Rumor is that the changes are not done yet and that more major shifts are going to happen. This article link contains strategies for your blog and/or article directories.

How Google’s new algorithm changes affect your backlinking strategy | Survive the internet: "How all these affect my website?

A big part of the backlinking strategy is to send an article to one of these “Content Farms” and gain a backlink. This was good at the time when Google rewarded them for having so much content. But now…

Now “Content Farms” like Articlebase.com, Suite101.com, Associatedcontent.com or Business.com lost more than 90% of their visibility, due to Google new algorithm change.

If you have backlinks from these websites, with the updated algorithm is like not having them. No gain at all.

This way Google turns these websites, from a quite good SEO tool, a fail." >>>>KEEP reading


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