May 24, 2011

Examiner: New Payments Program starts soon


Today,  Examiner sent out a message that changes to the site will impact future earnings.  The word and rumor has been out for a while that the earnings structure will change.   Whether the change will hurt earnings or not  remains to be seen.

Taking a lesson from other writing sites that have done abrupt changes,  Examiner has extended the platform changes for  an additional month.  Examiner is has designed a new dashboard so that writers can preview and adjust actions to accomodate the new pay structure.  

The change most likely to be well accepted is the advertising changes.  Popup ads that interfere with writing and checking  earnings -  should be a thing of the past.  The 'popups' and the 'popunders' are removed from the site to help improve readability for our audience.   Examiner is right... there is loud applause for the removal of popups by this writer.  No longer will subscribers and casual readers be driven from the site by pesky popup ads.

"What doesnt kill you makes you stronger" seems to be the logo for most online writing websites.  ON line the only thing certain is that things will be in a  state of flux.   Taking a word of wisdom from a friend, I am flexing.   It may be rough, but at least Examiner gave one month to adjust to the new pay structure, and threw in the carrot of popup removal.  For those that write locally this means that  local incentive pay will be available for the next 4-5 weeks.

"You’ll hear from us again with a firm launch date and additional details. Still fuzzy on how it’s going to work? Brush up by re-reading our original messaging or head over to the Support Center to check out the Compensation FAQs." - Examiner email quote

How this will impact the newer writers  is anyone's guess.  Of course we all hope this will increase earnings, as the last two changes left writers earning less per view than previously.
Let us know how it works out for you and what you think of the new changes.

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