May 24, 2011

Two writers are safe - Tornado strikes massive damage: Video and HOW TO help

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Many of you know Susan G from her posts here, the great work she did redesigning this page and her fearless investigations into alternative writing sites.   Great artistic eye and a go getter.   The Tornado struck close to her home and while there is no word on her cats, Susan and husband are safe.

Another writer many of you may know Amy Laine is safe also... the tornado striking close to her home also.

Last night in watching the news, we saw the Home Depot building (what was left) and it was devastating.
My heart goes out to those affected in the area and I wonder about those in situations of living in RV's or the light weight mobile homes. WAtching this destruction makes one thankful for their situation, no matter what it is.

My friend on Facebook posted this link... if you have a moment check it out and see what you can do!

Convoy of Hope is an amazing organization that is already in Joplin assisting with thPreviewe tornado relief. Every donated $1 multiplies into $7 worth of supplies and food for the people of Joplin. You can text the word CONVOY to 50555 to donate $10 to the Convoy of Hope for the relief effort in Joplin.

WAtch the video film clip today and be ready to help all you can.  My friend  on facebook messaged that to help donations can be texted or you can check out

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John's Arts & Crafts said...

How did you get permission to create this disaster relief Convey 50555?

I am a small local artist I created art work and put the art work on postcards requesting $5.00 ea. The American Red Cross not only rejected my art work but said, I cannot use their name for collections or any other reason?
Art Work can be viewed on Made it Myself Dot Com
Search for title "Twister Sisters"