June 28, 2011

"Hot News" doctrine gets a body-blow - Boing Boing

'Alrady minds want to know' - How do you think this will affect those writing for Examiner or Gather? Will this affect any bloggers or writers that want to incorporate news modules into their lenses, hubs or blurbs?

"Hot News" doctrine gets a body-blow - Boing Boing: "'Hot News' doctrine gets a body-blow
Cory Doctorow at 10:57 AM Saturday, Jun 25, 2011
Electronic Frontier Foundation copyright attorney Corynne McSherry has news about Barclays v FlyOnTheWall.com, a case that asked the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to rule on whether the 'Hot News' doctrine could be applied in the digital era. 'Hot News' is an obscure corner of law that lets newsagencies treat publicly available facts as property and prevent others from reporting on them for a set time."

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