January 23, 2013

Touch Writing? Writing for a reason

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I thought the following blog very useful for some who want to do more than win a few views with their work. The authors way of connecting with readers touches on something primal and basic to humans.

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EXCERpT: Most people don’t think of massage and writing as having anything to do with each other. After all, one is nonverbal, the other verbal. Even the human brain relegates these abilities into different hemispheres, the right and the left. But massage therapists and bodyworkers do need to write sometimes: for professional reasons (brochures, educational literature, newsletters, articles, even a book); for personal expression; or to heal a larger spectrum of people than can fit, one by one, on a massage table. How, then, can massage therapists use their tactile skills to create writing—and "touching" writing, at that? To understand more clearly, let’s explore what touching writing is.  

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