September 21, 2013

Bubblews Pays Again! Review of Bubblews Writing Opportunity

Well, I have to thank fellow bloggers for showing me Bubblews.  I am loving the site. Of course you know me, social media bug.  This site gives me the best of both worlds and I can write about ANYTHING I want. Best of all I am getting paid 25 bucks at a time, almost as often as I want - personal time restraints are the only hold up to pay.

 I realize some people are having trouble getting paid, but many are paid regularly. I have had one missing payment but seem to be making money fairly regularly.But that topic is for another post. Communication is something that could be improved on

Don't get me wrong I love writing about Celebrities on Examiner. But, sometimes I need a switch up and seeing money about a week after earning it is a huge draw!  I have lost track of my earnings, but think I am at around 8 -10 paid redeems.

Here is a list of some my latest articles.  You can catch up with me on my Bubblews Profile Page.

  • Wanted - BLIND Carpet Cleaner

    Let me start by saying, I have a GREAT house. The mobile home was only 5 years old and on 1.25 acres of desert dirt, sand, and flies. We cleaned the carpets just before we moved in and it looked great for about 1.5 days. The previous owners' stains came back with vengeance. Fast forward 1 year and we have cleaned the carpet again; the old stains and new stains came back about a week later. Obviously we rinsed the carpet better when we did it ourselves. Now, fast forward a few more months with extra dogs, extra people and an extra windy summer. Because we did clean the carpets ourselves a few months ago, we aren't anxious to do it again. We want a break. The...
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    Is Bubblews Layout Important? 4 Choices With Delicious Detail

    After reading several +Bubbles that basically tell people that if they don't use the +Informer layout they might not connect with them, my jaw dropped to the floor in disbelief. I really tend to be an +Expressionist styled member. When I read this advice a month or two ago, I believed the people, but my thoughts were questioning. You mean to tell me that you would pass up connections of people that have either read your work and commented or liked, possibly people like me that occasionally will share your article with others (try finding connections that do that!) BASED ON A PREFERENCE you have for how to access information? Yes, I know that is a run on question, but I talk like that...
    Category: Tutorials

    Yes, they are drinking your blood: Bedbugs nightly feast

    Bedbugs are extremely easy to transfer as some people in New York found out as they spotted the bedbugs on the subway. Reports of bedbug bites are epidemic and even the New York Department of Health has hit the news today, because of an outbreak of bedbugs at headquarters: High School has an infestation and the list goes on. If that isn't enough a high rise tower in Ohio is rampant with the little critters, according to today's Getting...
    Category: News

    Killer! Stop Throwing This Stuff Away

    Today on Facebook, I saw a poignant video that brings home something we have been learning during our can collecting, desert cleanup craze. The "Midway" video about the birds, gives you an insight into how our actions affects nature. Plastic and nature do not mix. The video was shared by Upworthy and has continued to be shared by Facebook The film is made by Chris Jordan and the power is indescribable as he films thousands of baby albatrosses as they die or are already dead from the plastic caps and garbage found in Pacific...
    Category: Entertainment

    Are You Blind? Do You Have Low IQ?

    I was amazed today on Facebook, to see a test that was fun and informative. I thought I had seen them all but this colorIQ test gives you an idea of how well you see hues. You may be partially color blind and not even know it. Of course, if you rank 0 on this test you should run and not walk to any career involving color definition. My creativity is next to be tested. The test also gives your results and show the areas of weakness. Take the test yourself by right clicking on the link and opening a new tab. My photographer friends did really well and some of the results are amazing! I was very surprised by my score. (21)...
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    Life in the Desert: Don't Burst My Bubble (photo)

    +misc +balloon +hot-air-balloon +Arizona +desert +life-in-the-desert +life +joy I have written a lot about +death-in-the-desert, but there is life in the desert too. Tons of life and I can only touch on a little bit at a time. Last year we were living in Cave Creek Arizona, and the balloons would pass by almost every morning. The hot air balloons would give tourists a birds-eye view of the the city of Phoenix, while peppering our sky with color. Check out this balloon that would fly over our home every day! You can even see the web address on the balloon! It was that close. +photo credit myself: all rights reserved.
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    Death in the Desert: Coyote Closeup and Personal!

    Coyotes are rampant in our area. So far they have not bothered our chickens, but then we sent them a message last year with some well-aimed shotgun firings. We didn’t injure any coyotes, but they soon learned to avoid our area. Actually coyotes are somewhat habitual in their hunting, taking the same trail at about the same time each day. The Coyotes are mostly afraid of people, but they also will come pretty close. Last year they came about 500 feet away during the early dawn hours. We also saw remnants of coyote poop fairly close to the house. Not sure I want them hanging around too close. This year one killed our neighbor's little dog. The dog had ventured into the coyote's...
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    Writers Tax Deduction Series: Know what your deductions are

    +Writers-Tax-Deductions series starts with part 1: Know what your deductions are! It is time for all writers and self employed people to ensure that their tax deduction strategy is in order. Yes, you can wait until the busy month of December, or even wait until February or March- but then the tax clock will be ticking away and you will be part way into the new year. If you are making money by writing online, you are considered a professional and will qualify in the USA under either self employment or hobby income. As a writer there are tons of deductions you can take to lower the tax payment to Uncle Sam. The goal is to lower your base income so that you pay less in self-employed tax of...
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    Grab Missing Content Back: Using Google Cache

    Many people are finding that their articles are missing or deleted from websites. Bubblews is not the only time you might need to find a missing article. For instance I have articles on various websites and use the same technique to find them and deal either remove or improve each article. You might consider Google your personal article lost and found department. First just as the picture shows enter your terms for search. If you remember a particular article name you can enter that as well, use quote marks around article titles. Next in the picture you can see the arrow to the drop down menu. Click on CACHE and you will be able to see the last snapshot of your article. After locating...
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    Death in the Desert

    Yesterday we were tooling around the desert and came across the spot where our dog died last April. We had taken him carting with us, forgetting that the snakes were out of hibernation and more visible during the first couple of weeks during the evening dusk hours. Yes, this instance of death in the desert were caused by a rattlesnake. Back in April, we were speeding through the desert effortlessly, until about one mile from home we encountered a rattler, hiding in the bushes. We had not spotted any snakes that close to our home before. A mile away is where I get concerned as they might migrate one mile per year. At any rate we have not found any since (even on scouting patrols.) In ARizona...
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Betchay said...

Bubblews is a scam! They have selective payments. I had 6 missing payments ($160), deleted 4 of my most viewed, liked and commented posts without explanations at all. My posts were consistently featured in the front page and top news. I haven't violated anything. I emailed several times but didn't get a proper response from them. It's not worth our time! They are definitely a joke!

Natasa Shepherd said...

How did you post your articles like that with the likes and all?
And I have gotten paid good so far. I think $760+ total

S Golis said...

I have been publishing for just under a year and I have had no problems with redemption's. I love bubblews, think it is fun and love the writer format.