September 26, 2013

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WWBD? Charging Up Connections Philosophy

WWBD? Well we have all heard WWJD the clever acronym that someone devised to help make better choices as a Christian - "What Would Jesus Do?" Well today after reading a few bubblews bubbles, I am faced with a dilemma that only the heroic Bubbleman can answer. Time is money, or so they say. With time running short, I have analyzed my ratio of likes, comments, and views. I have also taken into account the hours spent liking, sharing and commenting and trying to help fellow +Bubblers. I have come to the conclusion that perhaps my previous philosophy of give everyone a chance by connecting back has been a saboteur of effectiveness. Don't get me wrong, I am an effervescent personality...
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Facebook Fiascos include Hashtags, IPO and more

Facebook has its uses, so please don't get me wrong. I love to keep up with friends and family, but there are some Facebook failures that are hard to overlook. First for sharing it is awesome! You can share easily from any website, but that does not mean that people READ what is shared. People tend to only read the headlines. Video sharing is better and people tend to watch the videos. Photo quotes are so popular that I had to turn off photo notifications of acquaintances. Those are mere annoyances when compared to the failure of the newsfeeds, hashtags and the IPO offering. If this was Twitter - it might be dubbed a "Fail Whale." +Hashtags have been dubbed a colossal failure...
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Watching 'Revolution': Gore and War

Something has happened to TV in the last couple of years. Yes, the reality shows still dominate, but more new series are grabbing solid attention. While there are other new shows that are begging for attention, one show that grabbed out interest last year was +Revolution . "REVOLUTION" grabbed us due to the topic of surviving the national threat that took down a nation. What was that threat? Electrical loss - a country without any power or means to generate power. The concept is fascinating. It divided the country in half and created a war with the New America and the Old America. Gore and war. Tonight, we are watching, and make no mistake about it, this show can get gory. There...
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GAPS diet update: Looking younger by healing the gut with GAPS

One of my earliest +bubblews was about the +GAPS diet. My son and husband had both been on the diet and now have progressed quite nicely on it. My husband is looking younger and both are looking fit and trim. A bit of martial arts exercise was added – but as far as I can tell that portion of their get healthy program has been dropped. The benefits seen have been less allergy reactions to food and environment. Reflux has been eliminated and the gas escapes (farts) seem to be less than during the first few months of the diet. No more Nexium or Priolosec. Looking younger and feeling better is a definite boon. You might call this an anti-aging or aging backwards diet. Organic meats and Organic...
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Motorcycle Repair - not as easy as it seems

My daughter's fiance sold the car just before it broke down and purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle with the car money. At first everyone was excited, with visions of the finished product planted in our minds. Sadly, it has taken many weekends and many heads put together to finally get it running. It is gratifying to hear the vrrroom, vrrrooom - however it still will not maintain an idle. My son, husband have lent their collective minds to the greater goal of getting this cycle on the road. It will save the kids a ton of money in the work commute. With the goal of cutting the gas expense in half - they have diligently worked weekends and evenings to readjust the gears and whatever...
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Peyton Manning kicks it up another notch! WHOA -- Record breaking moves score big!

Football celebrity Peyton Manning, is kicking it up another notch as he approaches history making dominance. According to news reports on Sept. 23 and 24th - Manning is the hottest thing going for the NFL league this year. According to the NFL news Peyton has now broken the record of " Tom Brady's 2011 record for most touchdown passes through the first three games of a season." Scoring three touchdowns in the first half of the game - you can hear the crowd go wild. The site stated: "He finished 32-of-37 passing for 374 yards with three TDs and zero interceptions." What more, you ask? Well, the total points gave Broncos 127 point lead in the season giving them...
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'Teen Mom' causes anxiety: Show filled with cry-babies

The show "Teen Mom" is an interesting show and sometimes the teen parents are doing all they can to make thing work. Watching some of the show tonight (Sept. 23) I have anxiety for the future of America. The selfishness is intense and the way some of the girls handle things is beyond belief. That any guy would refuse to give up doing illegal things (smoking pot ) for his child is heartbreaking - especially when you see the baby looking up at him with admiration. Some of the parental support for the teen moms do not seem to understand the dads rights, even though the dad maybe a complete idiot. Other times it seems like the parents influence cause even more problems. It is hard...
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wins Emmy - 'Joyful way to make a living'

Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepted her EMMY award with grace and said, "This is so much good fortune it's almost too much to bear. I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to make people laugh. It's a joyful way to make a living." We believe she means that, because we remember Seinfield and how her eyes sparkled at some of the comedy. Tonight Julia won Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in "Veep." This is her fourth win and she deserves every single win. I have not watch Julia since she moved on from "Sienfeld," but I know that she has remained very popular in the comic role "The New Face of Old Christine." Congrats, Julia. Julia...
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Fall Super Cleaning: Kitchen Sparkles and Shines

It is +FALL -- and all I have to say is: "Hallelujah!" It's time for the super, deep cleanup that removes the dust and grime from behind the fridge and stove. The swamp cooler will be turned on in the next few days to relieve the high costs of air conditioning. The last thing we need is moisture mixing with the summer layers of dust and cementing itself to my refrigerator top or door jambs. Today, almost everything got the super-duper treatment. Even the light fixtures were removed and cleaned. The lights sparkle and shine brighter now. The heavy duty-citrus- degreaser came out of hiding and worked its magic on all the surfaces. I prefer Pine Sol, but this product works great...
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All that glitters, is not gold: Shimmering in the desert

The weekend is busy, so this will be short. It seems our efforts to clean up the desert, "one can at a time," is paying off. We are having a harder time finding cans on our daily date. The jaunt into the desert washes, along the highway and alongside the roads - have netted us another 50 bucks this week. We haven't taken the cans in, but we do weight our rewards daily. Today, we collected about 8 bucks worth of cans that are in good shape. All that glitters in the desert is not gold! Many times we approach the beckoning shimmer of what should be a can - only to find out it is a plastic milk jug, a tiny piece of glass or a plastic straw. Getting out of the golf cart and...
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